Difficult colleagues show up at work in many forms and lead to frustration and lower productivity. What can be done about a micromanaging, undermining, uncooperative or thwarting colleague? Team members who get impossibly defensive when you try to offer feedback? The intuitive methods leaders use to manage "difficult coworkers" often backfire, resulting in vicious cycles of worsening behavior. This session will share mindsets and methods for opening up the possibility of change when all other efforts have stopped working. Discover how to apply proven strategies to resolve your toughest workplace challenges.


    Event Time

  • 11/21/2024 | 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM
  • Location

  • Virtual
  • Price

  • $395 (US) per person


Dr. Michelle Brody

Dr. Michelle Brody

Michelle Brody, PhD, is a clinical psychologist and executive coach who brings 25 years of experience to the challenging problem of interactional conflict. Dr. Brody has worked with global teams, complicated couple conflicts, and polarized communities, and has deep expertise in unlocking stuck dynamics. Her approach for teams is informed by powerful psychological tools that break down defensive walls, build trust, shift unproductive mindsets, and change vicious interactional cycles. Her unique style includes illustrations and the use of in-the-moment drawn diagrams that provide quick and deeply memorable insights.

Dr. Brody has helped teams reach greater collaboration, improve communication, and resolve tension across a wide range of industries; at global companies like Meta (Facebook), Siemens, and Alcoa, as well as for smaller companies, startups, and partnerships.

Dr. Brody has been an invited speaker for corporate and community groups on topics related to team communication, team dynamics, and team collaboration. She has also served as a master trainer of psychologists, professional coaches, and professionals who work in human resources and learning & development. She is the author of two books: Stop the Fight! An Illustrated Guide for Couples and Own Your Armor: Revolutionary Change for Workplace Culture.

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