Your work days are different now. There's as much (or more) to do as always, and to add to the pressure you feel, uncertain times lay ahead. Some priorities you are managing because they are in your job description. Other priorities have been thrust upon you, while you handle the daily workflow of email in between attending phone and video meetings. How are you doing? Are you feeling more stressed than you want to be right now? During this session, you'll learn specific techniques you can use to focus on your priorities, organize your workflow, and take better care of that you can take care of others.


    Event Time

  • 01/25/2024 | 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM
  • Location

  • Virtual
  • Price

  • $395 (US) per person


Dr. Jason Womack

Dr. Jason Womack

Jason W. (JW) Womack is an Instructor of Leadership Studies at a Military University and author of the best-selling books Get Momentum and Your Best Just Got Better. Jason sees the world differently. He admits that life is busy, but he won't compromise when it comes to increasing productivity and maximizing time for the things that are his MIT's (Most Important Things). He teaches practical solutions to the everyday workflow that will free you up to focus on your bigger leadership goals and projects. He provides practical methods to maximize tools, systems, and processes to achieve quality work/life balance.

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